Measured on a case-by-case basis

DHBC, with the Cogswell coalition, successfully lobbied for changes to the Cogswell street-grid, through the Gehl report. DHBC continues to provide guidance on the land use bylaw process with HRM Planning.

Ralston Building:
DHBC provided input to Canada Lands Corporation, as they developed the parameters for sale of the Ralston building property on Hollis/Lower Water street.

DHBC funded and provided input into Jennifer Keesmaat’s Cente Plan peer review. This review did impact final version of CentrePlan “Package A” (particularly pertaining to housing affordability). DHBC provided input to HRM Council and HRM planning, pertaining to revisions to the Downtown Plan review (HRMbyDesign), and other aspects of the CentrePlan, which will be included in “Package B”. This is anticipated to go to HRM Council fall 2020.

Bike Lanes:
DHBC provided input on design for Hollis Street, Lower Water Street, and Morris Street bike lanes. Final design for Hollis Street does not reflect DHBC input on key design feature.